How to Check Internal NECO Result

Check your neco result

Internal NECO is for folks who wrote the June July NECO. This guide will show you a step by step guide to checking your NECO June July Result (No Step skipped.)

Important: Confirm your Exam number before proceeding to the last step. If you have any doubts, call a neighbour to help.

Below are the steps to check your Neco Result 2017:

  1. Get  a NECO SSCE Result Scratch card(It’s like N500)
  2. Go to the neco result website – mynecoexams.com/results/
  3. Choose June / July from the list of Exam types
  4. Enter your PIN in the space provided (the PIN is at the back of the scratch card)
  5. Enter your Exam number (Then confirm the Exam number again)
  6. Finally, Click on the Check My Result Button, And your result should be on your screen now.

NECO Result Scratch Cards

Please note the Neco Result checking scratch card is required to check all NECO Results. And a single card will used to check access a particular NECO Result up to 5 times. These cards are gotten at NECO offices nationwide.

How to Check NECO 2017 Results

  • Go mynecoexams.com/results/
  • Type:    Select exam type from the list (Use June/July)
  • Exam Yr:    Select the year of examination: 2000 – 2017 (Select 2017)
  • Pin No:    Enter the PIN from your NECO scratch card.
  • Exam No: Enter your complete examination number in the space provided.
  • Click on the “Check My Result” link. And your result should be displayed now.

Graphical Guide to Checking 2017 NECO SSCE Result

check neco result 2017
how to check your 2017 NECO Result

How to Check NECO GCE Result

Checking the NECO GCE Results is quite similar to what’s above. There’s a slight difference though.

Follow to steps below to check a November December External NECO GCE Result.

Note: A mistake in your Exam number will totally invalidate the scratch card. Please confirm your Exam number twice, or thrice before proceeding to the last step below.

Steps to Checking Waec GCE Results.

step 1: Keep your scratch card handy.

step 2: Logon to the NECO Result portal at mynecoexams.com/results/

step 3: For Exam type, select Nov / Dec

step 4: For Exam year, choose the year you wrote the exam ie 2017

step 5: Slowly enter your PIN in the space provided. Your PIN is at the back of the NECO GCE Scratchcard.

step 6: Enter your Exam number here. Confirm your Exam number again.

step 7: Hit the check my result button. And your NECO GCE result will be made available to you.

Graphical Guide to Checking NECO GCE Results

how to check neco 2017 result
How to check NECO GCE Result for 2017/2018
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