JAMBites WhatsApp Group

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Simply SMS “ADD ME” to 08132679481 to add yourself or “ADD {family or friends phone number}” to 08132679481 to add another phone number.



  • (1) Examination tips and free updates
  • (2) Timely school updates
  • (3) Exam time table updates
  • (4) Live Post UTME Updates
  • (5) Free latest school and exam news
  • (6) Connect with others and make new friends

Why should I Join the JAMBITES UTME WhatsApp Group 

Information is Power! Don’t miss any information about your examination or your school because of lack of timely updates. The best thing you should do is to Subscribe to our exclusive JAMB / POST UTME WhatsApp chat group.

We have created an exclusive WhatsApp group for different universities. This is the best way for candidates to stay informed so that they will not miss their exam and its totally free. Once you join you can also send your family or friends phone numbers by SMS. Just SMS “ADD {family or friends phone number}” to 08132679481.

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